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Saturday Update from the Desert: Gigantic Slate of College Football! SEC & Big 12 Begin Play Today
[Sep 26] - We are going to keep this short and sweet folks. Everyone knows college football dominates the board today. Thereís no question about that. But todayís slate is even sweeter because the SEC and Big 12 begin play today, and that only adds to our excitement. It was great to have college football return amid the pandemic in the first few weeks, but we know it was a bit of a watered down version. Now that the SEC and Big 12 are entering the mix, it raises the stakes, and opportunities, for us. With more games on the docket, more meaningful ones at that, it gives our insiders an even broader spectrum to navigate. This is where we expect things to really start taking off. Reports this week indicated today would be a busy day for our insiders. We expect not only a high volume of plays, but an aggressive approach as well. Look, if a high number of bets at maximum values are not your thing, itís best you stay away today. But if you crave action, and donít mind the opportunity to break the bank while doing so, then todayís lineup is tailor made for you! We have several packages to choose from, so log in and select the one that fits you best. Everything you need is on our site. Daily, weekend, weekly, monthly, and yearly, not to mention sport-specific. Just as long as you donít miss out on today! The action will be fast and furious throughout, so come prepared. Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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