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Tuesday Update from the Desert: UFC Postpones Next Three Events Putting Snitch On Hold For Now
[Mar 17] - Our excitement over the UFC taking center stage was quickly halted yesterday with Dana Whiteís announcement that they were postponing the next three events. That means the next two Saturdays are now vacant. Itís put us in another tough spot as we try to navigate these uncharted waters. We can take solace in the fact we arenít alone in this. The entire world is in the same boat as us. Taking care of yourselves and your loved ones continues to be the MOST important thing at this time. Please know we havenít stopped working. Yes this has thrown everyone for a loop. Itís created chaos and uncertainty with regards to when life will return to normal, and when it does what will the new normal look like? This has hit everyone hard. The human race has been tested countless times before in the past, and has always come through in the end. We are betting on us once again to rise up and defeat this latest adversary. Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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