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Friday Update from the Desert: Insiders Buy Back Bets, Wind Up Passing on Thursday Night Football; Pac-12 Football Championship Tonight!
[Dec 6] - First things first. Our insiders had indeed placed wagers for Thursday Night Football between the Cowboys and Bears. However, as our reports continued to come in, we found out most of our sources had bought back on their bets and wound up passing on the game. Sure, we could have posted something just for the sake of posting. But that would have been a HUGE disservice to all of our followers. We follow the professionals of the industry, so when they donít like what they see, who the hell are we to go against that? Itís why we have the following we do. Even if we post a 50x play, which constitutes our smallest play, it is because we have overwhelming evidence to support such a release. In the case like last night, when the majority of our sources passed on the full game play and then did not come out with any halftime plays, we called it a night and moved on. Truth be told there are a TON of opportunities for us in college football. Itís championship weekend and the Pac-12 gets us started tonight with Oregon vs. Utah. The action continues tomorrow with the rest of the conferences. It is the last big weekend for us before the bowl season begins. Trust us, our syndicates will be going heavy. Itís one of the reasons they didnít want to force anything last night. Thereís no way they wanted to jeopardize what they have in store this weekend. Jump in with both feet and let our insiders do the work for you folks. We promise you itís going to be one helluva weekend. The fun starts tonight with the Pac-12 Championship! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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