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Saturday Update: Today's Package = Win or 50% Refund PLUS Sunday FREE! Includes MAMBA Wagers!
[Apr 17] - Greetings Snitch World. Okay this message is very easy. Snitch WILL have a winning Saturday. And YES there's an opportunity of a MAMBA wager    YAY!!! We can't guarantee that, but be on the lookout. But, rest assure,  we are PAYING high amounts EVERY single day to the Mamba group and despite the high costs, we understand that many days there will be no Mamba plays.  BACK TO SATURDAY  Today WILL be a BIG winning day as we have already seen the reports of block trades by the Syndicates which has us excited. And hence, we are offering Saturday as WIN or 50% instant refund PLUS Sunday FREE!!!! Folks you get half of your $ back from the Snitch purchase PLUS SUNDAY FREE FREE FREE WHICH YES INCLUDES MAMBA PLAY FOR FREE (if there is a Mamba play). In other words EVERY SINGLE PLAY Sunday would be FREE for you. So please purchase Saturday and help the community by chipping in for the paid information. If we all do our parts and chip in for expanding our resources - the sky is the limit folks. Trust us this is the ONLY way you can ever beat the books. By siding with the professional bettors who prove their annual successes LITERALLY through the taxes they pay. Please imagine that for a second: groups/people who actually willingly and happily PAY TAXES from their winnings! Think about that. Here's one point of view from a Syndicate:      "Actually people who make serious money betting on sports take taxes super f'n serious. Why, you ask? We love our f'n jobs so much that the last thing we would ever do is risk losing them because of tax evasion.  And besides, the main argument for those of us who advocate betting on sports is that it brings the states so much more money. Well, a lot of that money comes via taxes.      So, we all need to pay our taxes to keep this industry thriving. But, anyone who makes a great living betting on sports will not risk losing the job they are so good at by doing shady s&*@. Makes no sense to risk that. I make seven figures doing this. Imagine if this was taken away from me? What would I do then? Where would I go? What kind of job am I going to get at 57 years old? And I also know we are the rare ones that win and gamblers believe in karma and jinxes. Why the f would I mess with karma? I'm serious. I hope I'm making sense.      All I can tell you, hell no will I ever risking losing this job. I moved here to Las Vegas just to do it legally.  And every professional who has done it the right way has made a great living here. So many of them married. Strong families. Great wives and children. Belong to strong communities. This is the best job on the planet. But, it all starts with how calm and disciplined you are. Those who think with every loss it's the end of the world and losses will only continue, this is not for them.      Then there are those who accept the losses as normal. That it is part of the job. That not losing is abnormal. Losing is normal. And it really comes down to how you handle losing. If you're one that gets scared and goes to the sidelines, this is not for you. If you're stressed over a loss or losses, this is not for you. If you're checking scores every minute, this is not for you. Watching the games will not change your betting outcomes. So why watch them? The professional, despite on a losing streak, KNOWS literally they are like a blue chip stock that has went down. It's TEMPORARY. TEMPORARY! And like blue chip stocks not only do they rebound, but they rebound plus go into the green. So, it really comes down to that. Or basically, do you have the stomach for it?" FOLKS BUY SATURDAY GUARANTEED TO WIN OR 50 PERCENT REFUND PLUS ALL OF SUNDAY FREE FREE FREE. And yes this covers EVERY MAMBA play for Saturday and Sunday if there are released Mamba plays. Get the guaranteed Saturday Special now at 

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