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Sunday Update from the Desert: Insiders Are Back in Action Tonight as Game 2 of The Finals Tips Off!
[Jun 4] - Game 1 of The Finals tipped off on Thursday and we saw the Nuggets take a 1-0 series lead with their 104-93 win. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of that one as the Heat failed to stay within the number. Truth be told we were surprised that Miami wasnít able to secure the backdoor cover as everything was looking like the Heat would pull that off in the waning moments of the game. But that didnít happen and we are now on to Game 2 with the mindset that our sources will get us back on track. Thatís been their pattern for this postseason run. Anytime weíve come up short theyíve immediately bounced back and put us on the winning tracks again. That makes tonight a perfect opportunity for redemption. We are still up over +5,200x units this postseason, so the proof is in the pudding. If you are looking to cash in on Game 2 but didnít follow along on Thursday, tonight is a perfect opportunity to jump on board. We fully expect our syndicates to not only get us back on track, but to come out with some huge wagers before all is said and done. Yes, we are talking about our famous Mamba plays. Our reports show that our insiders will be more aggressive in The Finals and that they do intend on stepping out in a big way. Of course the best way to take advantage is to follow along. Our syndicates will take care of the rest! Tonight is a golden opportunity to get back on track, folks! Game 2 is set to tip off at 5:00 p.m. PT, so make sure your alerts are on for when the plays are posted. Huge bounce back opportunity on tap! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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