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Tuesday Update from the Desert: Insiders Rebound with Back-to-Back Big Winners Over Weekend; Now Time to Close Playoffs Out with a Bang
[May 24] - After a rough start to the conference finals round, our insiders got back on track with a big 1,500x-unit winner on the Heat Saturday night, and followed that up with a 1,000x-unit winner on Golden State on Sunday. That represented a nice turnaround from when we suffered a couple of bad meltdowns early on in the conference final round. It basically got us back on track and gave us some nice momentum to close out the weekend. Now last night we did suffer a small setback with a 500x loser on the Heat, but we feel 1000% confident that’s just a minor blip on the radar. The consensus feeling among our insiders is this postseason is about to finish up in a big, big way. They’ve already spotted some mistakes by the oddsmakers and are fully prepared to unload down the stretch. We’ve got Game 4 tonight in the West, where the Mavs will look to stave off the sweep at the hands of the Warriors. Tomorrow night is the all important Game 5 between the Heat and Celtics. With that series tied at 2-2, who will take that step towards securing the series? The game is essentially a pick ‘em, but our insiders are already loading up on what could be another monster wager. We are only one decent sized play from being on the plus side, and the feeling is we will be back in the black after tomorrow night. A win tonight followed by another tomorrow and we are well on our way towards delivering another patented clinic to close out the 2022 NBA postseason! Big night tonight, followed by an even bigger one tomorrow! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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