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Friday Update from the Desert: Insiders Fail to Deliver on TNF; College Football Takes Over Tonight & Tomorrow
[Sep 24] - Last night was supposed to set us off in the right direction as we were hoping to build off the momentum we gained with Sunday’s success in the NFL. Instead, we took a step back as the Texans couldn’t keep it within the number and fell to the Panthers, 24-9. Although this puts us behind to start the weekend, we are still over the moon confident that by the end of Monday Night Football we will be sitting pretty after a dominant performance by our sources. We will let the results speak for themselves on that. As for tonight, there is college football on the board and we are expecting our insiders to be active for it. With regards to tomorrow’s slate, early reports indicate we will not have a super high volume of plays, but of the plays we do release they will be of high value. So we are expecting something similar to Sunday, when we had five plays but of those five, two were rated at 1,000x and 1,500x units. Either way, we know a big rebound is needed and we are 100% confident that it’s going to happen. Let’s be honest. Do you really expect us to tank? Especially after the group of insiders we’ve amassed? No, of course not. Basic mathematics will tell you we are due not only for a big reversal of fortune, but a long extended run. The kind of run that has become synonymous with our name. So don’t fret about the results from last night, or even last Saturday for that matter. We are primed and ready for a breakout weekend. And that starts tonight! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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