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Friday Update from the Desert: Hoops Continues on Steady, Profitable Run; BIG Weekend on Tap!
[Mar 1] - Another day, another trip to the cashierís window to cash out. Thatís been the theme this entire basketball season. The consistency has been there since the first day and hasnít wavered. Sure, we had one bad day last Saturday. ONE. Other than that, itís been steady winning day in and day out. Last night was another example of the power of our sources. They started with a small wager on the Knicks. It was apparent early on that this wasnít going to go our way, but New York fought to make it a game before the Warriors put them away. No biggie. We came back with a big wager on the Heat (+6Ĺ) in a road tilt against the Nuggets. The same Denver team we cashed big on over the Warriors this past Sunday. Miami fell behind early and every time it made a push, the Nuggets would go on another run. Until late in the 4th when the Heat cut the Denver lead to 99-97 with :11 left to play. That right there pretty much sealed the win for us as Miami, despite having to foul twice more, wound up with the cover. We wound up taking home +780x units for the night and it just continued our remarkably consistent run this basketball season. Now that the calendar has flipped over to March, you know whatís just around the corner. The Madness is brewing, and if you havenít been following along it would serve you well to sign up now and build that bankroll up so youíve got ample ammunition once the tournament begins! Weíve got a big weekend planned on the hardwood. Both in the NBA and college, so be prepared! The best thing you can do is sign up now for our weekend special if you havenít been following so you can see first hand how amazingly strong our insiders are! Weíre loading up for more trips to the cashierís window! Make sure you arenít left behind! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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