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Wednesday Update from the Desert: Snipers Drink the Juice for 3rd Consecutive Night; Another Breakout Needed
[Mar 3] - For the third consecutive day we wound up drinking the juice as the Snipers split both games, a win with the Celtics in the NBA and a loss on Kentucky in college. And, just like the three previous times, the day started off right with a win only to see it get offset with a loss late. We certainly arenít complaining at this point, but we sure want to see another repeat of Saturday when they led the charge to a 4-0 sweep. That one day has literally carried us as weíve seen a small drop for three straight days. As long as itís losing small, we will take it and keep pushing forward. All we need is another big night like Saturday, or even just winning both plays if thatís all weíre getting, and it will give us another jolt forward. Win big, lose small. The hopes are we are back on that path. But after three consecutive days of getting juiced we know some are getting antsy about what the Sniper group is going to do for all of us. March Madness is just two weeks away, so we need to get another streak going. Anything that will give us momentum so that when the Silverbacks take over, we are not only hitting the ground running, but doing so at a full on sprint. Early reports for tonight indicate we may only be looking at NBA action. But, there is a possibility of college being mixed in. The Snipers have a few games on the college board they have circled and continue to work on. As always, stay alert and the plays will be posted as soon as they are finalized on our end. Letís cash a big night tonight! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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