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Saturday Update from the Desert: International Champions Cup Resumes with Four Matches Today!
[Jul 20] - Today is going to be the day folks. Everything is lined up for us to deliver another classic Snitch clinic. Not only are we coming off a losing Wednesday in International Champions Cup, we are also coming off a disappointing setback yesterday in the Africa Cup of Nations final. A fluke goal led to our demise yesterday, and if you look through the annals of Snitch soccer history, rarely will you find back-to-back losing efforts on the pitch. A losing day is almost always followed by a series of winning days in soccer. So when we have consecutive losing efforts, the odds are lining up in our favor. Not only that, but today there isnít just a single match, or even a pair of matches. There are FOUR games scheduled today and that is going to be the icing on the cake for us. Anytime we have multiple games in soccer on the same day itís a virtual guarantee we are going to have a huge day. So combine the fact we are coming off a pair of losing efforts, plus four matches today, and you have a perfect storm of opportunity! Donít sit this one out folks. We promise this is going to be a big day. The first match starts EARLY (4:30 a.m. PT) so make sure you jump on board NOW! Watch as our syndicates deliver another patented clinic on the pitch! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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