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Thursday Update from the Desert: Win Big Lose Small Mantra Never More Important than Now
[Aug 6] - Weíve been preaching this for years. Sports betting is difficult. Thereís no question about it. But many of those out there who venture into this world donít give themselves a chance because they have no idea about money management or how to protect yourself with your wagers. Losing is going to happen in sports betting. Itís no different than the stock market. You have good days, and you have bad days. You have gains and you have losses. The key to being successful when navigating through all of it is to protect yourself by winning big, and losing small. Many will ask, ďhow the hell do you know when youíre going to win and when youíre going to lose?Ē A great question. Nobody does. But the way to ensure you protect yourself and your investment is to NEVER deviate from the plan. ALWAYS keep a level head when placing your bets. Donít let emotions get in the way. Itís human nature to shy away from placing a large wager after dropping a few games. Thatís the biggest mistake someone can make when betting on sports. Just look at how our insiders played it on Sunday, for example. We started the day off by going 0-3-1 with our first four wagers. Novices would have either tucked tail and ran rather than taking more risk, or lowered the wagers for the next round of plays that came in. Basically translating into lose big, win small. Thatís what winds up costing people in the long run in the world of sports betting. After losing those early plays, our insiders never blinked and delivered side and moneyline winners on the Rockets and Suns, and we wound up collecting +818x units of profit. On the flip side of that, last nightís 2-3 setback only cost us -200x units. That folks is money management at its finest. Itís why we are going to carve it up long-term in the NBA bubble. And itís why you should never panic, even after a few losing days in a row. We are right on the cusp of another huge day folks. That day could be today. Donít miss it. Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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