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Tuesday Update from the Desert: MNF Ends with Tough Loss; Insiders Resetting for the Week Ahead
[Nov 12] - It certainly looked like we were going to enjoy cashing an easy ticket on the under last night. Both defenses were playing lights out, and the fact that San Francisco was playing without leading receiver George Kittle, and then lost Emmanuel Sanders early, played right into our hands. The score was only 10-7 at the half, and even when the 49ers tied the game at 21 with a little over 6:00 to play we still felt great. The game was playing out for a field goal to win it. Sure enough, the Seahawks took the lead 24-21 on a Jason Myers 46-yarder with 1:45 left. When the 49ers took over on the ensuing drive, the Seattle defense stayed aggressive and continued to harass quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The Seahawks dropped a potential game-ending interception, but we still felt as if the under was in good shape. Then, after a second dropped interception, we felt like we might be in trouble. Sure enough, San Francisco took advantage and kicked the game-tying field goal which sunk our collective spirits. It was a game that looked to be in the bag for us. We’ve suffered tough losses before, so we’ve already moved on from this. There’s zero chance it affects our insiders one bit. They will regroup and get back to the clinic they were currently in the midst of. We’ve got basketball and college football tonight. In fact, that’s what we’ve got on tap the next two nights. From there we add the NFL to the mix with Thursday Night Football and we’re basically back to the weekend. We came up short last night, so the rebound takes place tonight! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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