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Saturday Update from the Desert: COLLEGE BOWL SEASON BEGINS!
[Dec 15] - Itís here. The college football bowl season kicks off today and for the Snitch, this is THE event we couldnít wait for! The reasoning is simple. Last year we absolutely crushed it during bowl season. All that did was continue an annual trend that goes as far back as the Snitch does. Letís revisit last yearís numbers. We finished the regular season at +3,635x units of profit. Then we took things to a different level during bowl season, finishing at +5,435x units of profit. All told that added up to +9,070x units of profit overall for college football last year. This year we finished the regular season at +4,445x units of profit for college foots. You can imagine the excitement thatís building here as we get ready to embark on the bowl season. We arenít going to be shy about it either. Our goal is to finish the 2018 college football season at +10,000x units of profit when the national champion is crowned. Itís not just the fact we own college football. Itís the manner in which we dissect the games. While others are offering to give you a game or two per day during the bowl season, the Snitch is giving you action on EVERY SINGLE BOWL GAME! AND WINNING! What more could anyone ask for? Think about that for a moment. There are 41 bowl games, including the college football playoffs, and the Snitch is giving you action on ALL OF THEM and at the end, when the dust has settled and the National Champion crowned, we are delivering even bigger profits than we did during the regular season! In addition to the bowl season starting today, we also have two NFL games as well! Football overall has been a boon this year, with our combined college and NFL profits currently at +6,790x units. Add our bowl history to this and you know where itís going to wind up! You know what to do. Long live the $nitch! #VegasStrong #HappyBowlSeason

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