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Thursday Update from the Desert: IT’S TIME! THE MADNESS IS HERE!
[Mar 21] - Today’s the day folks! Sure we have been crushing it throughout the conference tournaments and the First Four, but everyone knows the REAL madness starts today! Everyone who's anyone will tell you the Snitch not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk in the Big Dance. There are a plethora of scammers out there that will try to charge you an arm and a leg for a SINGLE PLAY today! Can you imagine that? On a day where there will be more than 12 consecutive hours of college basketball, there are services who will charge people more than $100 for one lousy play. Not the Snitch. We said it before, our insiders, specifically the Silverback group, will attack the board today and will not let up. They will literally keep the pedal hammered to the floor and YOU will be the beneficiary of their aggressive approach! What’s better than watching all these games during the first few days of the tournament? Betting on them as well! Expect an extremely aggressive approach today folks. Trust us, today will not be for the faint of heart. If heavy action and big plays are not your thing, then by all means stay away. If you enjoy this kind of rush, then the Snitch is for you! Hey, we told everyone the real fun wouldn’t start until today. Okay, so we lied a little bit. That’s because we weren’t expecting big action until the main tournament got underway. But our sources came out and delivered a no limit winner (an easy one at that) on the over in the NC Central-North Dakota State game yesterday. You can expect many more of those today! The Big Dance is here folks! Let us be your guide throughout this wonderful tournament! Long live the $nitch! #VegasStrong

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