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Thursday Update from the Desert: NFL Preseason Week 3 Tonight! Insiders WILL Have Action!
[Aug 16] - Week 3 of the NFLís preseason kicks off tonight with a trio of games. A vanilla rematch of Super Bowl LII as the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles visit the Patriots, as well as Steelers-Packers and Jets-Redskins. We will save you the suspense by announcing right here, right now, that we WILL have action for you tonight! Thatís because our insiders have indicated they will indeed stay active during the preseason. We realize there are some out there who maintain that itís foolish to partake in the NFL preseason, but not when you can spin it to your advantage. Trust us. Our sources arenít stupid. They know how to take down a mark when they see one. So when they wager on these preseason games itís because they have obtained information that they can use to their advantage. Rotations of players, how those matchups will play out on the field, how certain coaches manage the game, etc. The list goes on and on, but the one constant is the fact our insiders donít let anything slip by them. If they can take advantage of a situation, they will do so full bore! Look, the college football regular season actually starts a week from this Saturday. You donít want the season to sneak up on you. So many of our followers have padded their bankroll thanks to World Cup 2018 and the International Champions Cup. They are head and shoulders above everyone else right now as we inch closer to the start of football season. With our football insiders finalizing contracts with us as we speak, the run is going to continue through the rest of this year. As for tonight, get ready for some football! Long live the $nitch! #VegasStrong

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