1.†††††† Bankroll: You must set your bank roll properly, with a long term focus. We recommend you play very conservatively, especially if you are just starting with the Snitch. Everyone wants to hit a homerun every night, but we canít stress enough, play with what you can afford and set your plays accordingly. Play every game for the same amount until your financial risk tolerance is upgraded then you can play for more. The Snitch strongly recommends that you DO NOT risk more than 10-15 percent of your bankroll on any given day.

2.†††††† Rating System: The Snitch recommends that you review the rating system and create your own system accordingly. Our team is here to help you, so please contact our staff if you have any questions and/or want to review strategies that work for you.

1.†††††† If you miss one play, then we recommend you take the day/night off. Either you play them all or donít play any. We do not recommend that you pick and choose, because when you do that, it becomes gambling. If you do chose to follow the Snitch, follow us in our entirety.

2.†††††† Do not make the mistake of being ďpenny-wise, pound-foolish (sorry for the clichť).Ē Gamblers will risk thousands of dollars on games they have no clue on, but yet they wonít pay a small fee to proven experts. Be careful in mixing our plays with your own. If you play ours, donít risk missing out on plays; follow us long term with text messaging. We care about our followers having every advantage possible to both make money and make it easier to work with the system. The text messaging costs us time, money, and a lot of labor; but we know our goal is to increase the quality of your life, and being by a computer all day waiting for plays is not, what we consider, a positive contribution to oneís quality of life. The Snitch is GIVING AWAY TEXT MESSAGING FOR FREE!!!!

3.†††††† Donít get too high, donít get too low: Donít ever get emotional over day-to-day or game-by-game results. If you have decided to follow the system, follow it accordingly, for the good and for the bad. After a loss donít ever chase your losses and after a win donít double down on your next bets. Remember this is investing and thatís why we have financial advisors to help guide you. We are the only site that will tell you that we indeed have many bad days, but overall you can expect to see more good days than bad and thatís another reason why we preach a conservative approach and proper bankroll management.

4.†††††† Lines: We post lines. Most services donít, so they arenít locked in if a game pushes or comes close to the number so they can claim a win. As a Snitch follower, we recommend that you match the lines that are posted. If you cannot match the lines, then you must match it by buying the points. If you still canít match, simply exercise the discipline to pass on the game and contact one of our operators if you still need recommendations. It is recommended to ALWAYS buy the 1/2 point.

5.†††††† Post Times: You will not find any service with the expertise that we have. Our researchers get up to the minute information and we usually donít post plays until 10-15 minutes before the start of a game. This is for YOUR protection. People would be surprised how important pre-game warm ups, updated injuries and starting line-ups are. At times, we also post minutes before the game to shop for best value with the lines. Because we do get continuous information from our sources, you must be on your toes and ready for the plays and have your sites open for your investments. This is why our FREE Text Messaging is a necessity to follow the Snitch. It is a unique and FREE service, reduces the risks of missing any plays and more IMPORTANTLY it does not tie you to the computer 24/7.

6.†††††† Use Us!!! Our Customer Service representatives are available even during busy times and a customer service department that answers your emails as fast as they can, whether its 3pm or 1am. We work 24/7 so take advantage of these experts in their relative fields to ask questions that you may have or simply getting to know us better and talk live to get a feel for our styles.

7.†††††† This is HIGH RISK INVESTING: Understand that sports investments are a high risk strategy. Your goals will NOT be met over night. Know that we will have great nights, mediocre days and some bad plays, but that is the same for any other investment medium. Despite the daily results, we expect that our trend-line will have an upward trend and as long as that is the case, you will have more money next year than you did the current one. So, never panic (if you do please write to us and weíll talk about things), stay disciplined, and take advantage of the tools and resources we offer to you. If you know how strong the Snitch is long-term, why risk losing out? Or worse, go on your own and cost yourself money. Again, if you are going to be penny wise, pound foolish; then this is not the game for you. We have experts and have been around privately for many years prior to going public over 14 years ago. But, we also have people such as psychologists, mathematicians, etc. as resources that help give us an extra edge in this HIGH RISK business.

8.†††††† Gambling is an ADDICTION: We DO NOT want anyone here to feed their addiction by using our system. If you have a problem, please contact us, we are here to help. In fact, if we can help you to stop gambling, then we know we did a good job, unlike so many of these scammers that set up their systems to keep feeding your addiction. Either you choose to become an investor or not. If not, then we can help you quit. Cause the only guarantee we will ever make is, if you donít gamble you WILL NEVER lose!

9.††† Remember, just because you bet, doesnít mean you have to gamble!!!