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Snitch on Tap Saturday: Hoops NO LIMIT ALERT!!!
[Jan 20] - Snitch on Tap Saturday: Hoops NO LIMIT ALERT!!! As promised the Snitch is in the midst of a basketball clinic this week. We head into Saturday on a 7-2 hoops run this week and we WILL have at least one NO LIMIT tip today on the hardwood! Yes, we have already set our followers up for a HUGE Championship Sunday with our run this week, but today we are stepping it up a notch so that everyone onboard can UNLOAD tomorrow! We will remind everyone how locked in we become once the NFL field shrinks to its final four teams. A Championship Sunday sweep is basically a foregone conclusion for us. Thatís not being cocky either. Thatís speaking from history and what our insiders are lining up for tomorrow. But before we get ahead of ourselves, there is business to attend to on the hardwood today. Our sources are targeting at least one NBA game today that will qualify as a no limit release from us. There could be more than that, but we are guaranteed of at least one. That in itself is worth its weight in GOLD. Youíve seen the dominating run the Snitch has been on since the beginning of the college bowl season. That has continued throughout the NFL playoffs and of course who can forget our Christmas Day DOMINATION, when we went 9-1 for the day including a clean 5-0 sweep of the NBA games! We canít wait for Championship Sunday to deliver there, but Saturdayís NO LIMIT ALERT has us chomping at the bit! Sign up now for our exclusive Saturday no limit alert and then follow us tomorrow as we deliver a clean Championship Sunday sweep! Long live the $nitch! #VegasStrong #GOAT

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