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Snitch Prime Timers Locked & Loaded for Tonight's Monday Night Match Up Between Lions & Giants!
[Sep 18] - NFL Week 2 wraps up tonight with the Lions visiting the Giants and this represents a BIG moment for the Snitch! We come into this contest actually down -125x for the week thus far in the NFL. We PROMISED a winning week 2 and that’s EXACTLY what we plan on delivering after all is said and done tonight! Our Prime Timers did it again for Sunday Night football, delivering the Falcons as a 200x winner over the Packers as a -3 chalk. They of course delivered the Texans on Thursday Night, in their outright win over the Bengals. So tonight we turn to them again and we have 100% confidence we are walking away with a winning week by the end of the night. There’s zero reason to think otherwise! Also, if you haven't deduced this on your own, tonight’s tip WILL be at least a 200x, if not more! You’ve seen our history with the big games and the prime time games. Now that we’ve added our “Prime Timers” to the mix, it’s only going to cement our legacy as THE go-to choice for every big game moving forward! If you need to dig yourself out of a self-made hole, or are looking to add to your winnings...the Snitch Monday Night package is a MUST HAVE! We have been crushing it for decades. Now it’s time you did as well! Long live the $nitch!

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