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From Bad to Worse...Monday Night Football Ends with Another Big Snitch Loss
[Nov 21] - From bad to worse. Itís as simple as that. From bad to worse. When it rains it certainly pours, because that display of coaching last night by Pete Carroll harkened back memories of his infamous call to pass from the one-yard line against the Patriots in the Super Bowl when he had Beast Mode in the backfield. Calling for a fake field goal with :07 left in the first half from the 17-yard line, when your team is trailing 24-17. Are you fín kidding? Even if they gain some yards, they would have to score a touchdown or else they run the risk of time running out in the half. Of course they lose by three. Of course they do. This after some questionable play calls on the final drive before they settled for a potential game-tying, 52-yard field goal. It certainly looked like a lot of short curls and hooks to the middle of the field, and those patterns were run well short of the sticks to boot. At the end of the day itís on us. Thereís no other way to paint it. Because our sources jumped on the Seahawks and we followed suit. Obviously the Falcons and the over (specifically the over) were the right plays. So it was another severe blow. Look thereís been terrible streaks before and there will be terrible streaks again. We apologize profusely from the bottom of our hearts and will continue to work our tails off to right the ship for you. We realize talk is cheap. Nobody wants to hear excuses nor apologies. They only want to see winners. We said right here yesterday that we would get last weekís losses back and then some this week. Yesterday made that challenge even more daunting. But we wonít panic and we wonít shy away from the criticism, because it is deserved. What we will do is work with our sources to get that train back on the tracks headed in the right direction. Itís an important week folks. Hell, every week is important. But this time of year means so much because of the holiday and the fact the college football season is winding down. Not a lot of chances left. Time for the Snitch to ante up and lead everyone back to the winners circle. We arenít running away from this. We are attacking it head on. The Snitch considers every one of our followers family because YOU ARE. And when you hurt, we hurt. We will do whatever it takes to get you all back on the right track. It never meant more to us than nowÖLong live the Snitch and we will stay #VegasStrong.

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