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Snitch Saturday Update: Cavs Return Home for Must Win Game 3; Preakness Goes Today!
[May 19] - The Eastern Conference Finals resume tonight with the Celtics holding a 2-0 series lead. Many experts believed Cleveland, and LeBron James in particular, would bounce back after a lackluster Game 1 performance. They were right on one of those counts. LeBron did indeed bounce back in a big way, putting up another triple double (42-10-12), but his efforts werenít enough to keep Boston from pulling away in the 2nd half in the 107-94 victory. Things arenít as dire as they may seem, however. Cleveland enters Game 3 as a six-point favorite, and based on their first-half performance in Game 2, a return home may be just what the doctor ordered for the Cavs to get back in this series. Our experts are looking hard at both the side and total for tonightís game, and we are anticipating big action from them. Things were looking great after they delivered two monster no limit winners on the Celtics in Game 2, but they gave it right back when they backed the Warriors in their loss against the Rockets in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. From what weíre hearing, itís going to be aggressive as hell the rest of the way in the NBA playoffs. They feel like they have pinpointed how the two conference final series are going to play out, and of course The Finals as well. If they are correct, and again we are 100% confident they are, we could be looking at a minimum of +2,000x in profits the rest of the way. We will let the results speak for themselves, however. With that being said, we can say that we expect that to begin tonight! Lest we forget, we are anticipating at least one play on the Preakness today. You saw how we delivered with Good Magic to Win , Place, or Show and todayís race should have another juicy winner as well. Huge weekend on tap folks! Long live the $nitch! #VegasStrong

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